Working Out and Hunger

Ok, this is not funny. I am trying to work out to keep my weight down and after a good workout, I am so very hungry. The problem is we workout in the evening and I must admit, I grab whatever will satisfy my hunger. I guess that leads to another problem--willpower.
I hope this is helping someone because I am really being truthful here.

I had a grilled chicken breast sandwich and chips with all the trimmings: mayonaise, lettuce, tomatoe slices and a slice of cheese. I quenched my thirst with a large glass of iced tea.

Believe me, I did not wait two hours before going to bed. I went to sleep an hour after eating.

Workout with Your Friends

My friend was over and we were both complaining about being overweight and not wanting to waste money on a gym membership we would not use. I suggested we workout together.

So, here's the plan. We both have a library of workout videos and we would switch off locations. We would exercise at her house and then at my house on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday of every week.

For the first video, we used Walking Off the Pounds. I really thought it would be lame because of the name, but I was pleasantly surprised. We worked up a sweat.

Women's Football

Well, you talk about staying in shape and getting exercise. How about team sports? There is plenty of motivation there. The difference is--coaches-- they yell when you do great and they yell when you screw up,but there is plenty of help.

I photographed the game between the Baltimore Nighthawks and the DC Divas. These ladies really play full-contact football. This pre-season game was a great opening game to forecast what to expect this year.

Safety Check

Friday I went to Joe's Bike Shop in Mt. Washington to get my bike fixed. The weather was great and I was really inspired to take a spin.

I am so greatful for professionals in any field that go beyond the call of duty. Johnny at Joe'sBike Shop took the patient in and began a once-over. I found that me bike was in bad shape besides the pedal I was there for.

My initial visit was to get a new pedal and go on my way. Thanks to Johnny I can ride knowing my brakes are safe and my handle bar is tightened.

So, if you plan to take your bike out, get it checked out first and then hit the road.

Ask The Expert

Charles "Chizel-It" Harris is a personal trainer and owner of Chizel-It Fitness Center in Owings Mills Mall. He offered these tips to help stay motivated in a fitness program.

"Motivation is one of the things I find people struggle with over forty, the reason being time restrictions, single parenthood, not only that -most women have a lot on their plate now- work, homework, kids and school," said Harris. To overcome that challange, he suggests a group fitness program as a form of accountability.

Once you get into a routine you want to get some healty eating habits so you will see results.

Meals depend on time management because of our hectic schedules. Without proper planning you will eat too much or not enough.

"The way society is now, it's so hectic and you don't really have enough time and when you get hungry you will grab the first thing- you will grab fast food, Dunkin Donuts or go to anyplace like that and by doing that you'll throw your whole food regimen off," said Harris.

So lets take his advice and get with an accountability partner and watch what we eat. Time management is good for many areas in our lives, even health and fitness.

Caring for our Temple

The Bible calls our body our temple. Now, consider an actual temple - a building. Would you litter your temple with trash? Imagine how it would look if people were to open the doors of this temple and see garbage thrown about from room to room.

While taking some personal reflection, I thought about some of the things I have been doing to my temple. For instance, yesterday I went on a caffein binge. I hardly slept last night and I realized this is not good for my body. I kept waking throughout the night and this morning I made a committment to not do that to myself again.

Take a personal inventory of the things you are putting into your temple. We always have a reason for why we do it, but these unhealthy habits are slowly littering our temple.